Drought is over

As my inspiration arises once more,
I am back.
Here is a pretty picture.
From a lovely photographer.
Ryan McGinley


The Black Keys

Originally I was slowly falling for them.
Now I am falling hard and fast.
How can two people make musical love so beautifully?
Four people I can understand
Eyes Open. Listen Up.


First forage into blogdom......

An evening of dingy rooms, low lighting, acoustic strums and a reverberating guitar line sending souls into creativity. Love and music, hearts, minds and melodies.

Fall fast and fall hard, fall for what you love and what you need. Look where you care, up and down, forward and back, reach into the abyss of poetry and take what you will.

'Look into the ocean, the sea of dreamy sleep
take time to read your heart, always keep
your heart in its place, head in hands,
and remember that feeling, to meet its demands.'

D x

daniel stone is a magical man.

The beauty of the byrds


Marc Johns

My favourite new artist Marc Jones.
Can't remember life before I saw these.

Winter Soundtrack

Chet Baker Sings
Its like winter, but in your ears.
With a voice to heal the soul.


My new found love for anime

Samurai Champloo
thee greatest thing i have seen for a long long time.
epic soundtrack. amazingly cool characters.
please watch. so you can be as happy as i am.

Hoover Art

Art made by hoovers.


Haiku 1

The air holds you tight,
On a golden bed of leaves,
Slowly sinking through.


This is why i wake up everyday.

The loves of my life.

Best Beer In The World

Ladyhawke with Becks.

A Great Day

40th Anniversary of Sesame Street
One of the greatest programmes of ALL time.


Spike Jonze

this video entertained me through discussions of constant dis-satifactfion in relation to consumerism and third world development.
why why why.


I came out dancing

'That's What I Like' by Jive Bunny and the Mastermixers.
Good place to start.

Today's Soundtrack

The Postal Service
'Give Up' is my album of choice whilst clawing away at useless politics.

"The Wall" - a poem by a Leprechaun

I am a wall,
Who watches a door,
Swing open and shut
all day.

Suffice to say,
Its rather a bore,
And I feel I'm stuck
in a rut.


pop, originally uploaded by Poison Arms.

a beautiful picture by a beautiful friend.

just before i dose off...

this is what i will be dreaming of tonight.
(Photo by Harry Callahan)